youth ministry

Miss Virginia, our Nursery Care Provider. 

Miss Virginia, our Nursery Care Provider. 

Youth ministry at SUMC seeks to be a place of love and acceptance for youth from newborn to grade 12. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, we welcome everyone.  Our ministry provides opportunities to ask questions, learn about God, grow closer to God and share God by being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus Christ to others.

Youth have the opportunity to participate in Confirmation. The Confirmation classes offer youth the time to ask how God is in their lives, what Jesus has to do with them and ultimately what any of this has to do with their daily lives. This offers opportunity for conversation and learning about Christianity, The Church, The United Methodist Church and Solon United Methodist Church, in particular. Classes begin in the new year and run through the spring. At the end of Confirmation classes, youth can decide whether or not to become full members of Solon United Methodist Church.

Sunday School for gradeschool children 6th-12th grades takes place every Sunday from 10:10 to 10:50 am in the Youth Room. We study the Bible by asking questions as well as wondering what we believe and why we believe. Constantly looking for ways to see how God is with us and celebrating the love of Christ Jesus.

Youth Group is a place where all are welcome. We have fun, we love God and share Christ. We usually meet on the second and fourth Sundays. The church calendar keeps track of our monthly schedule. We laugh the delight of the Lord.

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