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What to expect when you come to Solon United Methodist Church:

Our 9 am worship follows a traditional worship style where we sing hymns, pray together as families, and recite the Lord’s Prayer. We come dressed formally and informally.  Afterwards, there are opportunities to greet each other, share in some coffee, or head off to children's, youth, and adult Sunday school.  There is also an earlier Sunday school class that discusses the scripture from the message in the 11 am service.

The sermon at both services is thoughtful and biblically focused and often deals with the problems we all face living the love of Jesus every day.

The Summit Service, at 11 am, is more contemporary in style.  People come dressed a bit more informally.  We sing music that you hear on the Fish and Air1.  The Praise Band leads the music using guitars, keyboard, drums, and bass guitar.  People are free to sit back and listen or sing along.  It is a warm and inviting atmosphere to pray and worship together as families, and enjoy a more interactive worship experience.  All ages are invited to share in this worship experience. Afterwards, we visit with one another and share in an extended coffee hour time.

We leave each service having done our best to lay our needs before God and plan to take Jesus with us in our everyday lives.

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