S.U.m. Hope Ministries

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S.U.M. Hope Ministry’s goal is to reach out to our fellow parishioners with love, comfort, friendship, prayers, and our presence when it is wanted. There are many different kinds of sorrow and our ministry is striving to develop ways to meet this kind of need. We have training sessions and reference material available, but most importantly, we have our Christian hearts willing to reach out and serve our church members.

God has given us the commandment to love one another and our neighbors as ourselves. What better way to follow God’s intention for our lives than to minister to those who are in need of a friend’s sincere and loving compassion. If you feel you would like to become part of our ministry or could benefit from the “Hope” that we offer, please click on this link or contact the church office. Please pray for our ministry that it will be first and foremost guided by God’s wisdom and love.

Here is a listing of some of the SUM Hope ministries:

  • Provide a compassionate listening ear to anyone experiencing grief
  • Send cards and grief booklets to those who have lost someone
  • Provide training on a variety of topics including aging, nursing homes, hospice, death and dying, etc.
  • Provide a “Memory Quilt” for the church to remember loved ones
  • Provide a bookshelf with literature helpful for those experiencing grief
  • Provide support for those experiencing other kinds of losses